suction 003
suction-003 CD
Released 6/98 CD in clear jewel case, from Canada

$12.00 US.. 
Debut full-length cd. 
Solvent is a most compeling recent addition from a long line of Canadian experimentalist to inject a fresh new energy into the delelopement of electronic music.
pinapple boypineapple boy
my blue carmy blue car
3 nervousnervous
4 ice-bag scaleice-bag scale
5 elbow glueelbow glue
6 shifty uncle gigglesshifty uncle giggles
7 tangerinetangerine
8 stretchy legs and armsstretchy legs and arms
9 googly legs and armsgoogly eyes
10 shadowing the mumblershadowing the mumbler
11 nuf si gnippiksnuf si gnippiks
12 rel's combrel's comb
13 be quiet now pleasebe quiet now please
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