spr-002 split 12'
Various Artists/The Antistatic EP

Released 12/97 clear yellow vinyl in an anti-stat mylar bag 
$6.00 US.. 

4 tracks from 4 international electronic music artists 
bolzbolz + root powder from Cologne based Electrochord Records 
solvent from Toronto Canada's Suction Records 
him + her NYC US based  Spelunk Recordings' own Dave and Kym. 
cron (aka Todd Sines) from Columbus US based 21/22 Corporation 

These STREAMING Real Audio files come to you via the http://www.spelunk.com web site. An A+ site containing lots of audio, unexpected links and all round interesting info.
bolzbolz + root powder "come out"
solvent"bugs are in every room"
him + her "subcretaceous"
cron "beryllium"
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