Through the last few years of our mission to bring back a real future for you, we have found a few artists who feel about this process as we do. Some of them are included here:
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A1. Bug Orchestra "Uncontrolled Voltage" (Fabrice Lig from Belgium)
A2. LeCar "High Sore:26" (if we have to tell you...)
B1. Selway "Falling" (that DJ guy)
B2. Solvent "I'm OK You're OK" (musicus roboticus ex canada)
C1. Si Begg "Vending Machine" (they say he's from earth, but we're not so sure)
C2. Third Electric "8008" (they do know how to ROCK in Cologne)
D1. Somatic Responses "Avoid Disection" (the funkiest crew in Wales)
D2. Invent "Never" (new project with Selway and Freaky Chakra)

there will be a CD and it will include additional tracks from perhaps:
Youngman, Szostek, Lowfish, Synapse and others? 

we're not done yet