carp-003 CD
highways over gardens
Released 6/98 CD in clear jewel case

$12.00 US
Full-length transcontinental Carpetbomb compilation cd of sorts. The artists are: 
livestock, microstudio, kundalini, tripform and unagi patrol who are all actually members of the infamous microstudio and work in various combinations or solo to provide these artist names. The cd feels more like an album from a single artist, albeit a moody one. Great for personal reflection and inner exploration. Keeps us alive.
rural development projectrural developement project
3 new territoriesnew territories
4 Cubensis (abstract)cubensis (abstract mix)
5 to dream like tom vuto dream like tom vu
6 pine soulpine soul
7 chop y chopchop y chop
8 i'm going to the delii'm going to the deli
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The bomb!